eProof Features

Professional Mark-up Tools

Bringing traditional proofreading techniques up-to-date – eProof uses interactive Proofmarks for highlighting any editorial corrections with additional marks for online and works with your custom House Style. Layout changes are also possible.

Secure Software Cloud

By taking control of your workflow, eProof allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. The software stores all your proofs together on the cloud where they can be accessed by your team or department.

Automatic Document Checks

Customise eProof the way that you need, with options to check spelling, grammar, commons mistakes, predefined House Style, custom House Style, repeating text, widows, hyphenation, punctuation and inconsistencies.

Sign-off Options for Stakeholders

Keep in control of the production by selecting who does the final check and sign-off before publication, multiple stakeholders can give authorisation if required. Accountability options are there for any issues or feedback.

Scheduling with Alerts

While accessing a document on eProof you have constant visibility of the task deadline while working. Schedules for all the tasks are assigned online and stakeholders are notified when a task is complete.

Access Levels and Permissions

User accounts and access levels can be assigned to anyone in your organisation. An account could be assigned to a higher level Manager where they can see what stage everyone is at – to plan contingency. Permissions are available so you can choose what changes can be made and when. For example, restricting layout changes at a late stage of a project.

Using Eproof